Re Keying Locks

Victor Harbor, Goolwa & the wider Fleurieu Peninsula

Rekeying is a process that involves changing the internal components of a lock so that it can be operated by a new key. This is an effective way to enhance security without replacing the entire lock. Here’s what’s involved in rekeying and why people choose this service:


During rekeying, our locksmiths remove the lock cylinder and change the pins inside the lock. This allows the lock to be operated by a different key while rendering the old key useless. The lock itself remains the same, but it now responds only to the new key.

Why People Rekey:

    • Lost or Stolen Keys: If keys are lost or stolen, rekeying ensures that anyone who finds or steals the keys cannot access your property.
    • New Home or Business: When moving into a new property, rekeying provides peace of mind by eliminating access from previous keyholders.
    • Security Upgrade: It’s a cost-effective way to enhance security without the need for a complete lock replacement.
    • Key Control: Rekeying allows for key control, making it easy to manage who has access to your property by issuing new keys only to authorized individuals.

Comprehensive Rekeying Solutions

1. Home Rekeying Services:

  • Enhanced Security: If you’ve moved into a new home or experienced a security breach, rekeying your locks ensures that old keys no longer work, providing you with complete control over who has access to your property.
  • Cost-Effective: Rekeying is often a more affordable option compared to replacing all the locks in your home, making it a practical choice for homeowners.
  • Convenience: We can rekey all the locks in your home to operate with a single key, simplifying your key management and enhancing your convenience.
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2. Business Rekeying Services:

  • Security Upgrades: Ensure that former employees or unauthorized individuals no longer have access to your business premises. Rekeying your locks is a crucial step in maintaining a secure environment for your operations.
  • Master Key Systems: For businesses with multiple access points, we offer master key systems that allow for customized access control, providing different levels of access for different personnel.
  • Professional Service: Our experienced locksmiths provide quick and efficient rekeying services, minimizing downtime and ensuring that your business remains secure.

Our Service Areas

Oops Locksmiths proudly serves the following areas:

  • Victor Harbor: Our local locksmiths are just a call away, ready to assist with all your rekeying needs.
  • Goolwa: We offer prompt and reliable rekeying services to businesses and residents in Goolwa.
  • Wider Fleurieu Peninsula: No matter where you are in the Fleurieu Peninsula, our team is equipped to provide top-notch rekeying services.

Contact Us

For reliable and professional rekeying services in Victor Harbor, Goolwa, and the wider Fleurieu Peninsula, contact Oops Locksmiths today.

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